Doomed Fate

Обложка альбома Doomed Fate Doomed fate Bio: Doomed Fate - metal band from Stavropol, Russia. Is the solo project of its sole member - guitarist, bassist and keyboardist in one person Arthur Kutuzov (25.02.1991.). Founded in Budennovsk in 2010. While that is a one-man project, in the absence of like-minded people. Material group of atomic cocktail of genres: thrash metal, ambient, psychodelic rock, doom, groove, heavy metal, sympho black, melodic death, crossover punk and even polka and rockabilly. Inspired by the writer and performer of the music works of different artists, like playing guitar fusion (Marty Friedman, Wolf Hoffman, Steve Vai), so the pilot (Polkadot cadaver, Mr. Bungle, Dog Fashion Disco, Shaolin Death Squad, Tub Ring), to extreme ( Carcass, Death, Cynic). The atmosphere is almost all the songs riddled with melancholy, apathy, hopelessness. "First demo-album, The Hell in the Earth, was released in 2011 and is a compilation of earlier works. Second, The Gates of the other Dimension, has the best quality recordings and tracks here have a great eclectic. He came out February 24, 2012, one day before the birthday musician.